You Get What You Deserve

by Big Ray

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The second album from Big Ray. Originally released on French label, Recovery Records, in 1999.


released January 9, 1999

Recorded and mixed by Rupert Coulson.
Produced by Rupert Coulson & Big Ray.

Big Ray: Ed Wenn, Paul Duncan, John Ruscoe & Paul Read with Steve Cox & Rupert Coulson.



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Big Ray London, UK

Big Ray has been around in various incarnations since 1991 lurching from 'full time band' to 'state of mind' & all flavours in-between. The personnel shifts & expands, but centres around Ed Wenn & 2 or 3 close friends. The musical starting point has remained constant; a mix of The Who, The Kinks, Big Star, CSNY & Steve Earle layered over a punk rock sensibility & attitude. ... more

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Track Name: Starlight

Starlight hits me where it hurts.
I might, just might do my worst.
On any other day you wouldn't find me here.
Look into my eyes — I don't belong down here.

Wrong side — feeling like a jerk.
"Inside", I'll put that word to work.
It all seems so mapped out.
That'a why it sounds absurd.
There's never any doubt, because you're playing what you've heard.

Oh, I know it's crazy.
Because you think you're trying hard.
Oh, but you used it.
Yes, yes you used it.
You're wasted acting out a part.

Starlight hits me where it hurts.
I might, just might do my worst.
Wrong side - feeling like a jerk.
I doubt if this will work.
Track Name: Driven

I really didn't mean to wake you up.
But it's not my fault if you've such a lazy fuck.
I really didn't mean to make you cry.
But it's not my fault if your eyes are never dry.

You drive me crazy.
Sometimes you drive me away.
Into some dumb adventure
Where no-one knows my name.

I really didn't mean to knock you to the ground.
Just didn't see you when I turned around.
How can you blame me for the things that I don't mean?
It's hardly my fault if you need to make a scene
Track Name: Ticking Over

Andy and Helen have been out burning rubber
Now he's driving her home.
She's warm and cozy, cheeks flushing rosy.
He's got the radio on.
The grease from her chip bag has ruined her skirt.
It cost her a bomb.
But she doesn't care.
She's too much in love.
She'll steal another one next week.

And they're ticking over.
The way you do.
They're just ticking over.
The way you do.

She's painting the ceiling at a quarter past midnight.
They only moved in last week.
The neighbours seem nice enough to her,
But the mortgage is steep.
He makes her a coffee, talks to her softly
Because they both like it hot and sweet.
"We're going to be happy: you and I."
And then he follows her upstairs.

(Ian Hunter - The Wonder)

Watching the T.V. news at tea-time, she's had a hard day.
It's all cover-ups rape, war an famine or the IRA
She switches the channel over and asks him,
"What did you do today?
How was the office and how are the kids?
And did get you get an appointment?"

Walking the streets at night.
Breathing in frost, touching the wonder.
Footsteps and street-lights buzzing.
Don't say this is nothing.
This is the wonder...
Track Name: Alone at Closing

I don't really know, but I think I do.
What's going on hear and what I've got to lose.
The future scares the hell out of me,
Or am I just afraid of feeling so free?
I don't really know, but I think I do.

There's so much going on, I can't take stock.
I've got to sit down just to see what I've got.
Convince myself I've done the right thing;
If I was a party what would you bring?
You play lion and I'll try to whisper.

You'd staple my eyes shut and let me walk the streets.
And I'd wire your jaws tight and then make you watch me eat.
But that's the way we do things here....
We play mind games and force ourselves to suffer.

There's a cat slinks by my window every day.
She never looks confused, she's so sure of her way.
Now what does she care that I'm feeling bad?
And just 'cos I'm down should she start looking sad?
I'm outside myself now — it's gonna get better.
Track Name: Moontown

I'm gonna get me a bottle of wine from Moontown
And just throw tonight away.
It doesn't taste too good, but who's bothered?
I won't remember anyway.
"I wanna fuck you till your dick turns blue."
Yeah, I can say that stuff too.
I'm sick of being told what's in fashion these days.
I'm not trying to get laid.

Everybody's got to live, everybody's gonna die.
I know all of that.
It just sounds different coming from you
And there's nothing we can do.
Swear blind it won't happen to you,
But if it does then swearing's no use.
I'm so sorry - what are you gonna do?
I'm so sorry for you.

You're talking so fast you lost me,
Is this where I come in?
I'm not usually this quiet you see,
Won't you run t by me again?
And did you really say what I thought you did?
My whole world just stood still.
But I accepted it so easily —
You're fucking with my free will.

This didn't have to happen.
I didn't have to know.
You didn't have to tell me.
You knew l had to go.